Standard Loans up to £5000

We offer Members a Standard Loan from £200 up to a maximum of £5000 depending on need and ability to repay.  The interest rate is lower for larger sums. This is because the administration cost of setting up and managing each loan is the same, whatever the amount borrowed.  Usually takes a few days to finalise and transfer the funds.

Loyalty Loans

Long-term Members with a good repayment or savings record will qualify for extra low interest rates. (See our Interest Rates Page)


Only for existing Members without an outstanding loan. Member can borrow up to the value of current savings account balance at a very low rate with no need for a credit check or bank account check. Just sign an Application Form. Objective is to provide member with a very low cost alternative to withdrawing their savings.

Term 1-3 Years  Rates: Up to £999: 1 % pm Up to £2499 : 0.5% pm Over £2499 at 0.25% pm

Savings to cover O/S balance are locked-in for term of loan.

Loans Insurance

If you die, have an outstanding loan, and are under age 70, the loan will be cleared in full for amounts less than £2,500. Thus your dependents will not have the burden of clearing outstanding debts, up to those upper limits. This is subject to not having any medical precondition at the time the loan was taken out.