Credit Unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members. This means that a Credit Union can only function with the commitment and enthusiasm of its volunteers. Thus, as a member, you can perform one of the many tasks required to enable the Credit Union to be successful and perform the function it was set up for. Volunteers and staff bring a wide range of experience with them, but there is no need to worry about having the ability to complete the many tasks as full training will be given and someone will support and supervise you until you feel confident.

Many people volunteer to be a collector in the first instance. The collector deals with the members face to face at the collection points and is the public face of the Credit Union. However, you may prefer to perform a ‘back-room’ role, something less visible but nevertheless just as important in contributing to the success of the Credit Union. Like any organisation which functions on democratic lines the Credit Union has a main board of Directors, with several officers and committees which are accountable to the directors. All of these people are appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union and every member of the Credit Union has equal voting rights. Here is a summary of specific jobs in Rugby Credit Union:

Chairperson (& Vice Chair) Chairs meetings of the Board and of members. Presents annual report to AGM. Acts as figurehead of the Credit Union.
Treasurer (& Assistant Treasurer) Financial manager of the Credit Union and has responsibility for the books and all financial/statistical reports required.
Secretary (& Assistant Secretary) Organises and keeps minutes of meetings. May also act as membership secretary.
Supervisor Supervises collectors. Deals with banking and records collected money.
Collectors Staff collection points and deal with members face-to face. Update passbooks and take money. There should be two collectors working at every collection point.
Administration Officer (& Administration Assistant) Enters figures into computer system, carries out filing, dealing with enquiries and post etc.
Credit Committee Conduct regular meetings to approve loans and provides monthly reports to board.
Supervisory Committee Conduct regular monthly meetings to look at management of internal controls.
Insurance Officer Assists Treasurer by completing monthly and annual insurance forms.
Credit Control Officers Monitor slow payers and ensure that loans are being repaid.
Publicity Officer General promotion of Credit Union in line with Board’s directions.
Money Laundering Prevention/Reporting Officer Monitors systems and ensures that Credit Union is nor being used for laundering of ‘illegal’ money.
Training Officer Provides information and guidance to new members, trains new volunteers.

To comply with the regulations of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the FSA’s approval is required for individuals who undertake some of the above roles. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us, either through this website or by phoning (01788) 577900. This is only a brief guide to the roles available and the Credit Union can provide you with full information on training & development, health & safety, insurance, confidentiality and equal opportunities policy.